Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kiss of Twilight (Dark Bonds #2) by Loribelle Hunt

Title: Kiss of Twilight
Author: Loribelle Hunt
Publisher: Carina Press
Source: NetGalley
Age Group: Adult 
Overall: ♥♥♥♥

 Dupree Jackson is everything a senior soldier of the Order of Templar should be. Cold. Unbreakable. A master at arms in the fight against demons. But as a hybrid, Dupree is beginning to lose himself to the demon half of his soul. One woman has the power to save him. If he lets her.
Kara Stone wants two things in life: to be merged with a demon so that she can become a full member of the Order; and Dupree Jackson. She knows they are meant to be together, if only Dupree would love her back.
Though his desire for Kara is undeniable, Dupree's need to protect her is stronger. Not wanting to see her merge, to face the internal struggle he deals with every day, he refuses to bond with her. But when Kara becomes a target and uncovers a dark secret about her past, Dupree may no longer have a choice.

I was pining for this novel so much after reading Kiss of Darkness, which I loved insanely. Kiss of Twilight starts where the first novel left off and I was sucked into the story all over again.

Dupree and Kara have known each other for a long time and both feel that they are meant to be with each other, but Dupree denies his feelings out of fear for her. This is both hard on her and him and their story focuses on their struggle.
Then there is the fact that Gia, one of the closest friends of Dupree and Winter (she was the main character in Kiss of Darkness) is still missing. Winter has the strong feeling that Gia was kidnapped, but they have no idea where to look for her.

What I love most about this series is that the characters, who were introduced in the first novel, are still as present as in the second one. I loved Winter and Marcus and I was so glad to see both of them again and I was absolutely thrilled when I was able to read a whole chapter from their POV.

Dupree´s and Kara´s story was not as interesting and intriguing as I anticipated, but that was mostly because I found that Gia´s relationship with Luke - Marcus´ brother - was way more intriguing. I was actually surprised to find out that the second novel focuses on Dupree rather than Gia, but it all makes sense if you consider the storyline.

All in all I can say that I enjoyed reading Kiss of Twilight just as much as I hoped for and even though Dupree and Kara are not my favourite couple I still loved reading about their relationship. 
The series promises to get even better with the third novel, which will focus on Gia and Luke. Their relationship is probably the most thrilling one and I am already waiting for it to hit the digital shelves. I´m so thrilled to find out how they will find Gia and her abductors...

Unfortunately author Loribelle Hunt is not thinking about continuing this wonderful story in the next year, which is so frustrating! There is a huge cliffhanger at the end that leaves me unsatisfied and -by now- disappointed.This is why I can only give 4 hearts for this book. It´s so frustrating not to know if the author decides to continue this series...

The Yearning Mermaid says: "This is a series you NEED to read if you´re a fan of Jeaniene Frost and Nalini Singh. Hot romance and a good paranormal twist. Pick it up if you don´t mind waiting for the continuation of the series!"

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