Review Policy

Dear Author, Publisher etc.,

The Yearning Mermaid accepts novels and reviews them. Along with reviews will also be posted on

I try to review every book I accept, but sometimes I am unable to finish a book. That may be because of lack of interest, or because personal matters interfered. However, I will inform you, if I am not able to review the book in time.

I don´t  give a time frame for reviews. If there is a certain time period you would like your book featured, please let me know and we can work it out.
I will try to review ARCs before the release date and I usually try to have the reviews ready a month before the release date.

I accept these book formats:
  • Bound Books
  • ARCs/Galleys
  • eBooks
  • Audio Books 
Please consider that I live in Germany. Although I prefer physical books, I´m aware of the fact that shipping may be a little bit difficult. So I´m happy to recieve any book in eBook-format.


The Yearning Mermaid is a (mostly) paranormal Book Blog. Books in the following genres are the only books accepted:
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Romance 
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • YA Paranormal
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Erotica
  • Horror/Thriller   
I also accept self-published novels. Please include the first chapter of your novel in the request, so that I can get a first impression. 

I am also happy to do author interviews, guest posts or giveaways!Just send me an email and I will get back to you asap.

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