Sunday, December 22, 2013

Challenges in 2014

I´m not a really  big fan of reading challenges. I think 2-3 are okay, but more add a certain stress level to my reading schedule. I´ve been through it all and I learned from my failures...
In 2014 I decided to participate in "only" two reading challenges.

The first one is the 2014 Dystopia Reading Challenge hosted by Blog of Erised. I love to read dystopian books and I´m really looking forward to reading a few good ones in 2014.
My goal will be Revolutionist (13-18 books).

Then second is a reading challenge that I just do for myself. I challenge myself to read 80 books in 2014, which is an insanely enormous amount of books if you ask me. 

I´m really excited to see if I can actually meet my expectations...

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