Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unravel me: How my blog got its name...

                                                                    Unravel me                                                                          

Unravel me is a meme made by myself that shows aspects of my life. This time I will enlighten my readers with the knowledge of how this blog got its name.

The journey to find the perfect blog name was a hard one. It all began about 5 years ago, when I decided to make a book blog. Since then my blog has changed a lot and I´ve closed and reopened it several times.
When it all began my blog was called "Buchkind". I originally wanted to do this whole book blog thing in german and first that worked quite well for me. But I soon discovered that a huge english-speaking book blog community existed and I wanted to belong really bad, which is why I changed it all to english. It had a really positive side effect, because it helped me to improve my english, which was really,really helpful in my english classes.
Soon after that I changed my blog name into "Reading Against All Odds", but I still wasn´t very satisfied with it. I went with it though, because I couldn´t think of anything else.

In my last year of school I went to London and with a few classmates I visited a little bookstore that caught my attention. I was mesmerized by the interior and the books I saw. I soon stumbled upon one of my favourite children books: The little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. The artwork was  - and still is - so beautiful that I had to buy it at that time.

It still took me several weeks to come up with the name "The Yearning Mermaid". I was staring at some pages in The little Mermaid and then I realised me that I wanted a mermaid themed blog. I began to play around with the word mermaid and things like "The book mermaid" or "The story mermaid" came to my mind, but it sounded lame. I don´t know when it happened, but after a few hours I had found my personal and perfect blog name. "The Yearning Mermaid". This name is full of mystery and longing and it is sweet. It fits me in a way and now I can´t really think of changing it anymore. This name belongs to me now. It always will.

How did you come up with your blog name?


  1. Great post Lea! Thanks for stopping my Dystopia post and I can't wait to see more of your blog!

    Patrick @ The Bookshelves


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